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Rescuing The Handicapped Children


PO Box 79
Highwood,  MT 59450
Phone: 866-707-2690

Handicapped children, helpless, desperately poor, shunned and hidden from society. Please help us give them dignity and hope through the life-changing gift of mobility.

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Real Life Story

Our Wheelchair Team was blessed with an invitation to help again this year with the annual wheelchair distribution in Amman, Jordan. It was a busy time working mostly with Syrian refugees. We also helped Jordanian and Iraqi recipients in receiving wheelchairs.

We would like to share with you one story about our special friend Joseph. Joseph, a five year old boy from Amman, came to receive a new wheelchair in October 2016. Joseph has many special needs and unfortunately we were unable to locate a wheelchair for Joseph and the family sadly left without being helped.

Shortly after we returned to Bethlehem we received a new shipment of wheelchairs. In sorting through this new shipment we came across a special wheelchair that appeared might work for Joseph. Unfortunately the family had to wait a year to receive the chair as they were unable to cross the border. Joseph's wheelchair sat in our office in front of my desk. Each day we looked at it and prayed that someday we could get it to Joseph.

Our prayers were answered when we accepted our invitation to return to Jordan for their annual wheelchair distribution. Joseph's family had also agreed to come and try out this new chair for Joseph. With many loving hands working together Joseph began to fit into his new chair like a glove. HALLELUJAH ! ! !

Joseph fit so well that he was able to maintain midline head control and also his arms and legs became more relaxed. Blessings to all those helping make our prayers come true for our friend Joseph.

Richard Stepan, Wheelchair Specialist and RTHC Board Director

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