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Free Medical, Surgical, and Dental for Children

(aka) Healing the Children Northeast Incorporated

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P.O. Box 129
New Milford,  CT 06776
Phone: 860-355-1828

To provide children throughout the world access to medical care. Our volunteer surgeons and nurses provide free medical and dental care and surgery to the world's poorest children. In the U.S. and abroad.

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Real Life Story

Many mothers say that the first thing they do when they give birth to their child is to count the fingers and toes of their child. However, Dora Herrera's son, whom she named Juan, did not have fingers nor toes, since all of his extremities were missing.

The doctors at the hospital told Dora that she did not have to take her son home if she did not want to. She could leave him abandoned at the Hospital, where they would "experiment" on him and eventually send him to live in an orphanage. However, this was not to be considered by Dora. This was her son, she had carried him for nine months and she was determined to give him every opportunity she could to make it in life. She knew that her son could make it.

Juan's paternal grandmother, lives in New Haven, Connecticut, and she found Healing the Children Northeast, also in Connecticut. She contacted the office and requested help for Juan. Mary Tracy and Beth Ruscoe in the HTCNE office began the arduous search to get Juan his medical care. They went to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center who agreed to evaluate Juan and see if prostheses could be fitted on his limbs.

Juan arrived in the U.S. two months ago and immediately went to the CCMC. While doctors were very optimistic about Juan's ability to be fitted with the prosthetic limbs, they realized that it was not going to be an easy thing to do. Juan needed some surgeries on his limbs in order for the prosthetic devices to fit properly.

Healing the Children has already secured the prosthetic devises for Juan free of charge from Hangar Prosthetics and Orthodics, Inc. All of the physicians involved in Juan's care will also provide their services free of charge. However, the hospital needs to be reimbursed for the amount of time he will spend in-house. This cost is $15,000. HTC and Juan's family are searching everywhere for a donor who will provide these funds.

It would be a wonderful Christmas gift for Juan if he were to receive his prosthetics this year.

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