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United Palestinian Appeal

(aka) United Palestinian Appeal Inc

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1330 New Hampshire Ave NW, Suite 104
Washington,  DC 20036
Phone: 202-659-5007

Palestinians, in Palestine, Lebanon & Jordan, face occupation, de-development, displacement & poverty. Help us alleviate their suffering and provide vital health, education & community development services to transform their lives to a better future.

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Success Story

UPA invests in projects that promote the long-term national development of Palestine. Through our university scholarship program, for instance, we invest in college students like Muna Ahmad Abdullah.

Muna received outstanding marks on her college entrance exam, but was unable to find financial assistance to attend Bethlehem University. But she didn't give up. As she wrote us, "I worked hard to earn some money to save for Bethlehem University. Now I am a student at the university studying English, since this was my dream ever since I was a small child."

Unfortunately, the "separation" barrier encircling the western side of Bethlehem has cut off the main road to the university from her village, dramatically raising the cost of her education: "It used to take us 15 minutes to university for 5 shekels, but now because of the security fence, it takes at least two hours for 30 shekels ($7)." Her father is the only source of income in a family with nine brothers and sisters. As she says, "my father has to find food for them, not to finance my education."

So her educational dreams are threatened. Your donation to UPA can help a student like Muna realize her dreams.

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