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Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

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1460 Broadway
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Phone: 212-448-9494

Hearing the words "Your child has a brain tumor" changes a family forever. Childhood brain tumors are the deadliest childhood cancer and for survivors the impact lasts forever. CBTF is dedicated to finding a cure and supporting families.

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Success Story

My family and I would like to express our heart felt appreciation for the opportunity to attend and participate in the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) session at Camp Sunshine. Our son Kyle was diagnosed on 6/2/08 with a ganglioglioma of the cerebellum at the age of 9. Kyle's journey in the past year has been one that no child should have to go through, but during all of it he never was scared or complained. Camp Sunshine has shown Kyle that there are so many other kids that have similar stories as his, some worse and some better. To see the kids and hear their stories has been so powerful for him and for us. He has met survivors of brain tumors and heard about how they dealt with there treatments and where they are now. As a family, we all took different things form our experience at Camp Sunshine. Starting out on our brain tumor journey I would have never thought that we would end up being offered such an amazing opportunity and we appreciate CBTF supporting us to do so. We are also grateful for all of the other family programs that CBTF has offered as they keep us distracted and connect us to others.

Thank you again.
The Picard Family


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