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World Food Program USA envisions a world where hunger is not the reason people can not reach their full potential. With the support of individuals like you, we can save and change lives.

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Real Life Story

Nairobi: School Meals Launches Girl to Top of Her Class

From the bottom three in her class to the top three: this is the impact that School Meals has had on 14-year-old Nyipher Savai of New Adventure Primary School in Nairobi. "When I joined New Adventure four years ago, I was always at the bottom three of the class," said Nyipher. "But when my school started getting food from WFP a year after I joined the school, my grades started improving and now I am at the top three of my class," she says with a smile.

Before WFP arrived, Nyipher would rush home for lunch, only to find that there was often no food. Still hungry, she would head back to school, but end up missing some lessons because her home is so far away. "I was always tired and hungry and could not concentrate in class," she says.

Thanks to School Meals, Nyipher gets a nutritious lunch every day and doesn't have to miss any classes. In addition, her younger sister now goes to the same school and also receives a daily meal. This helps their mother, who works as a housemaid, save some money since both sisters are assured at least one meal a day.

Nyipher dreams of becoming a judge when she grows up. "I see a lot of injustice, especially for the poor," she says, "and that is why I want to be a judge: so that I can ensure that they get justice."

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