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Children Immunization Foundation

(aka) DC Immunization Welfare Center

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12331 Quince Valley Drive
North Potomac,  MD 20878
Phone: 301-990-9562

CIF provides Hepatitis B vaccinations to poor children in rural India, while also educating their communities about the health risks associated with this prevalent disease.

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Real Life Story

DC Immunization Welfare Center (DCIWC) doing business as Children Immunization Foundation (CIF) provides free Heaptitis B vaccination to poor children. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a major public health problem in India,second to HIV/AIDS. The estimated HBV carriers in India are approximately 40 millian. The virus is blood-borne and spreads through bodily fluids. Although many people have access to most other vaccinations, Hepatitis B vaccinations are not easily accessible, especially in rural areas. The crisis will continue until vaccination programs and other control measures are established. Social, economic, and health factors in different regions contribute to variations in carrier rates from one part of the country to another. Most of India's carrier pool is established in early childhood, predominantly by horizontal spread due to crowded living conditions and poor hygiene. More than 600,000 Indians die each year due to complications from Hepatitis B. CIF travels to schools in remote villages of India and sets up clinic to offer free vaccinations to school children whose families cannot afford the price of the vaccination. Three doses of vaccination offers a child lifelong protection agaist Hepatitis B. Your generous donation of $15.00 or more will go towards three vaccinations for a child, preventing from potentially life-threatening diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. You are helping to provide underprivileged child with a healthy future. God Bless you.

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