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Feeding Children in America

(aka) The 3000 Club

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20439 N Fletcher Way
Peoria,  Ar 85382
Phone: 602-241-2873

One in four Children in America suffer from hunger! Help us get nutritional and healthy fruits and vegetables to these suffering children.

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Real Life Story

Mary Evangeliste
Thank you for your amazing organization. On Saturday I attended my first Market on the Move and not only did I meet nice people in line, share produce with my friends but I have already made zucchini bread, Alfredo primavera and on my way to making Tabouli w/ all the produce I got on Saturday. And its only Tuesday! THANKS!!!

* Today was the first day that we participated in this incredible program. We had enough produce to share with three neighbors! I have a huge passion for building community within my neighborhood - this presented the perfect opportunity for my family to knock on three neighbors doors with gifts in hand! Perfect! Who knows where this will lead! Thank you MOM!

My first MOM visit was in November, 2012. The site was finally near where I live in Mesa. I arrived and only choose what I needed for the week, as I would if I were shopping. Then I realized I needed to share the food and that was the concept. Fridays Senior Center visit now includes frozen veggies for who ever needs or wants them. Usually I pack in zip bags enough for the week.

My freezer is full of beautiful diced bell peppers, corn on the cob and various squash. My pantry now has 24 jars of spaghetti sauce and 12 jars of salsa. I now go to as many MOM events as I possibly can. My sister loves to attend events also! Richard comes along to carry everything (he is so helpful).

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