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ICE Foundation

1765 Greensboro Station Place
Tower 1 Suite 900
McLean,  VA 22102
Phone: 202-888-1761

We support Immigration and Customs Enforcement?s mission to ensure public safety and support ICE employees via financial aid, awareness campaigns and scholarships. Also assist victims of immigration- and customs-related crimes, such as human trafficking.

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Real Life Story

At the age of 9, Evelyn Chumbow was taken from her family in Cameroon and brought to the United States. Her family thought she would have a better life with the chance to receive a good education, but that wasn't the case. In fact, her life changed for the worse. "I came to the U.S. as domestic child labor. I cooked, cleaned, and took care of a baby and was abused every day. I never had a childhood and never spoke to my family," she said.

As shocking as Ms. Chumbow's story is, it's just as shocking that this isn't an out of the ordinary circumstance. Human trafficking is alive and well in most of the world and many don't realize it happens in their own communities.

Today, she is the voice in combating human trafficking and modern day slavery with her inspiring story. Her life goal is to help others survivors and help stop human trafficking. In 2014, the ICE Foundation added the Granting Courage Scholarship. This educational scholarship provides assistance to the survivors of child exploitation or human trafficking. It is because of Ms. Chumbow's story and recommendations through ICE that she was named the inaugural recipient of the scholarship.

Granting Courage is helping Ms. Chumbow continue her senior year in college. She's also a powerful and motivating voice for other survivors by helping them with networking and information about the scholarship and other programs that could help them. "There's not a lot of help out there for trafficking victims. And I can help because I'm part of the National Support Network," she said. "The scholarship has been a major change in my life. I've never been rewarded for anything so I feel very happy and blessed to get it."

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