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Art For Humanity

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635 25th St. South
Arlington,  VA 22202-2529
Phone: 703-684-4635

An all-volunteer charity helping the poor to help themselves. Offering a unique education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency. Art For Humanity is redefining the art of helping the poor and needy families in Honduras.

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Art For Humanity....helping the poor to help themselves.

When we met Brenda and Mauro and their four children, they all slept on the floor of a rented dilapidated house. Their oldest two children were beginning high school. Today, they live in their own home and the youngest two children are in high school. The oldest son is about to graduate from a teachers college while the oldest daughter is about to graduate from law school. That transition was made possible because of the support of donors who allowed Art For Humanity to help Brenda and Mauro to begin a small home based business with which they could provide for their family and educate their children. The educated children will in turn help Brenda and Mauro as they grow old. We find that working to empower families is the best way to help the poor to overcome poverty in sustainable ways.

The focus of Art For Humanity is on sustainability. Our interest is to help families in ways that allow the family to help themselves. Our approach normally involves education and small business development.

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