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Legenade Childrens Fund

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5050 Laguna Blvd.
Suite 112773
Elk Grove,  CA 95857
Phone: 916-234-0331

Help Children become Legendary! We provide opportunities, programs and services, educational support, family and community involvement, support and work with NGOs and other nonprofit organizations with similar mission and purpose to build better lives.

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Success Story

This story began with a 7 year old boy who wanted to help a local charity here in Elk Grove, CA by selling lemonade. Ethan and his big brother, Dylan, sold Ethan’s Legenade (Legendary Lemonade) at local events and donated half their profit to local charities. What their parents thought to be just a hobby grew bigger each year, as well as their desire to help more kids. In Feb 2019, they became an official nonprofit, Legenade Childrens Fund. 

Their mission is to “help kids become legendary”, through educational and enrichment programs for gifted and underprivileged kids in the US and the Philippines. Their programs include a Back to School Program that provides backpacks and school supplies to kids. Future Legends Scholarship to help gifted kids stay in school and graduate. Their most popular program is Color the World Project, wherein they partner with local restaurants like BJ’s, Chili’s, Apple Bee’s and more. They collect barely used kids menu crayons and ship them to kids in the Philippines who can’t afford crayons. They collect over 9000 crayons every 6 months. Crayons that would normally end up in the trash are now helping hundreds of kids in many villages. Ethan and Dylan are also partnering with schools to have after school STEAM Programs. All donations from people like you, and proceeds from their beverage sales go directly to serve these programs. 

Ethan, now 11 years old, enjoys promoting their cause, and coming up with new ideas on how to help more kids all over the world.  Dylan, now 13 years old, is making sure they have enough funding to support their programs. Both brothers work together, as a team, to make their nonprofit venture a success.



Be A Legend! 

Kids can become legendary when they get the support they need. They need YOU!

With your help, we can provide gifted kids what they need. From basic school supplies to scholarships. Invest in their future. Help kids become legendary!

Please Make A Donation Now! 

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