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PAI promotes universal access to reproductive health and rights through research, advocacy, and innovative partnerships. Achieving this mission will dramatically improve the health and autonomy of women, reduce poverty and strengthen civil society.

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Real Life Story

In the North West Region of Cameroon, people with disabilities often find their sexual and reproductive health and rights overlooked. There are also few resources for young mothers, survivors of rape, and families looking to gain control of their fertility.

Mbencho Andrew Millan-Andrew, a medical doctor and public health professional, wants to change that. His inspiration comes from a blind 18-year-old rape survivor and mother, who was too afraid to talk about her ordeal and ensuing pregnancy. Andrew says, "She was so shocked to find out about emergency contraceptives. She had no idea what they were. This is what motivates me."

Andrew serves as the executive director of ZOE-MED Organization which focuses on promoting adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights, preventing HIV/AIDS among young people, and eliminating gender-based violence. This summer, ZOE-MED received a YOUAccess grant from PAI to train staff in three clinics in the Northwest region of Cameroon on counselling young people with disabilities on family planning.

The organization is currently training 100 young people with different forms of disabilities in Bamenda, Akum, and Mbengwi. The emphasis of the curriculum is educating young people with disabilities about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

At PAI, we are proud to provide grant funding and technical assistance to champions of reproductive rights in the Global South like Andrew. In order to provide these types of assistance, we welcome your assistance in the fight to provide all people with access to quality, comprehensive reproductive health care.


Promote access to reproductive health and rights

Promote access to reproductive health and rights to help women and girls lead healthy lives. 

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