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Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund

(aka) National Center for Health Research

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1001 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 1100
Washington,  DC 20036
Phone: 202-223-4000

Helping prevent all types of cancer and ensuring patients obtain the most effective treatments. We do not take money from companies selling medical products, so you can trust us to evaluate the latest research. We give patients and families help and hope

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Real Life Story

The doctor told Amy that she has "Stage zero breast cancer." They suggested mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and tamoxifen — all the treatments for invasive cancer. She called us in shock, asking, "Why do I need all that if I don't have cancer?" We helped her think through her treatment options based on her personal medical history and diagnosis.

Most women diagnosed with "Stage zero breast cancer" will never develop cancer, regardless of their treatment. Too many will live shorter rather than longer lives because of over-treatment. That's often true of women with early-stage breast cancer as well. Some are so frightened by the word "cancer" that they make a quick treatment decision they later regret. Some doctors don't clearly explain what treatment a woman really needs. And many cancer charities are funded by pharmaceutical companies that influence the advice that they give.

The situation was similar for Bob, who was diagnosed with very early, slow-growing prostate cancer. We explained why experts often recommend delaying treatment, which has life-changing risks (such as ED and incontinence) and rarely helps men live longer.

Our goal for 2019: 20,000 fewer unnecessary mastectomies and prostate surgeries. With your help, we can reach it by ensuring that people understand their treatment options and how to prevent cancer, doctors communicate more clearly, and insurance companies reimburse effective treatments.

If you or someone you love has cancer, we help make sure you get the information and services you need and that your treatment is affordable!

We also fight for laws that remove toxins from your food, home, toys, and pet food.

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