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Travelers Aid International

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5000 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 103
Beltsville,  MD 20705
Phone: 202-546-1127

Assists stranded travelers to return home or find safety. Additionally, our volunteers at airports and train stations assist passengers and reduce stressful travel experiences.

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Real Life Story

This is a story about a woman who was willing to take a risk, to grow and change. The names and locations in this story have been changed to protect the family involved.

"Mary" had long suffered physical and emotional abuse from her husband. She had tried before to flee, but because he had total control over their friends and their money, she was never successful. She would go to a safe house, but he would always find her and force her back home. But this time she was determined. One morning, with guidance from Travelers Aid, she packed up her three children and their meager belongings as soon as her husband left for work.

When she arrived at the Travelers Aid desk, our social worker was there to meet her. "She was a sweet lady with nice kids," he recalls. "She had been in this horrific situation for years." He had already arranged for bus tickets for them, using numbers instead of names, to protect their identity. He placed Mary and her children on a bus for Indianapolis, where he had arranged for them to be taken to a safe house, to begin their new life.

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