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USA Hockey Foundation

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1775 Bob Johnson Dr.
Colorado Springs,  CO 80906
Phone: 800-566-3288

We provide support that enables education and training for kids, adults, veterans, and people with disabilities to have fun and excel at hockey. We provide grants that help grow the game of hockey.?? We believe that "Hockey is for Everyone"!

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Real Life Story

Virlen received a second chance at life the day she was introduced to the game of hockey. The inner-city Philadelphia native had poor grades, no idea how to set goals and no aspirations to excel at school. Then she put on her first pair of skates.

From there she learned that hard work pays off. Virlen learned that to be successful on the ice, she had to be successful off the ice. She learned to study and earn good grades. Today, Virlen plays defense for her college team, a place she admits she wouldn't be if it wasn't for hockey.

Hunter can't play the sports his friends play because he struggles to walk from a disability that affects his hips. When he was 13, his family learned about sled hockey. Once he got on the ice, he found a game he loved because it wasn't just about one person, but about his team. Hunter looks forward to playing sled hockey weekly.

These players are just two examples of people directly impacted by donations to The USA Hockey Foundation and USA Hockey. Not only are more players on the ice because of donors' generosity, but the game is becoming safer and America is continuing to get stronger in international competition, as well.

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