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Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation

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P.O. Box 547
Tenafly,  NJ 07670
Phone: 866-808-2873

Our hope is that every child affected by this potentially life-threatening heart disease can be cured to live a full and active full life. We're dedicated to finding causes and cures through research, education, and increased awareness and advocacy.

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Real Life Story

“I remember very clearly the day 18 years ago when the cardiologist told me and my husband that the cardiomyopathy that our three-year-old son, Nathan, had was getting worse and there was little chance for recovery. We were scared and felt alone. I told my husband, David, that I wish I knew another person who had a child with cardiomyopathy. It would be incredible to talk to someone whose child was grown and thriving in spite of the diagnosis.  The following year I found the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF) while searching the internet for answers.

I cannot express how much CCF has changed our lives.  I instantly was connected to other parents who understood how we felt, supported us, and gave us advice.  CCF educated us on the importance of seeing a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in cardiomyopathy. We started taking Nathan to Dr. Jeff Towbin, a medical advisor for CCF and pediatric cardiomyopathy expert. We credit him with saving Nathan’s life at least twice. We can’t thank CCF enough.” - The Davis Family


Be a part of the team to defeat cardiomyopathy!!

It takes a team to defeat cardiomyopathy! We need you to join our team to increase awareness of pediatric cardiomyopathy and raise funds for research into causes and cures.

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