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Atlas Service Corps, Inc.

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99 M ST SE 4th Floor
Phone: 202-470-3114

Inspire social change leaders.  Support our network of global leaders/organizations promoting innovation, cooperation, solutions to address world's problems thru overseas fellowship and virtual programs and to multiply impact at home.

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Achieve Global Impact - One Social Change Leader at a Time

Atlas Corps is founded on the idea that talent exists throughout the world yet opportunity does not. We connected talented global social change professionals to opportunities that include service in the United States and virtual learning programs. We inspire individuals like Huma (Pakistan, Class 30, Host: Halcyon, Current: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation) who dedicated a year of service in the United States and then return to Pakistan to address local poverty. Huma shares:

"Atlas Corps has given me the exposure that I lacked previously. I have meet some amazing people from different cultures and parts of the world, learned about new cultures, and grown both my skill set and knowledge. I believe that it is my dute to provide people with the resources and connections to put their skills to good use and take themselves and their families out of poverty."

Join us in supporting Huma and our community of 850 leaders from 99 countries who have served at 300 Host Organizations. Inspire individuals. Impact global. Support Atlas Corps Fellows!

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