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Invest in the extraordinary courage of women in 175 countries to ensure that every woman and girl is strong, safe, powerful, and heard. No exceptions.

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Real Life Story

Leaving Their Signature

The Mayan women of the Cooperativa de Mujeres Artesanas "Corazon de la Tierra" in Mexico first started meeting in 1993. They met weekly to embroider items for sale to help support their daughters' education, and soon decided to use their meetings as a learning opportunity for themselves. Most of the women were illiterate and only a few spoke Spanish.

During the next few years, the group protested the injustices of the conflict in Chiapas, invited speakers from other groups to talk about sexuality, health, and women's rights. One of the members participated in a literacy course and shared what she learned with other members.

Early correspondence from the Cooperativa was signed with the thumb prints of several members. In April 1996, the group sent their final report to the Global Fund-this time bearing the proud signatures of many of the same women.

Since 1996, the Global Fund has given a total of $11,000 to support the work of this inspiring group of women.

The Global Fund for Women provides grants internationally to women's initiatives working on women's political participation and leadership, poverty and economic autonomy, reproductive freedom, and the prevention of violence

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