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PO Box 1212
Santa Cruz,  CA 95061
Phone: 800-467-6997 x1

Stop bullying, abuse, assault, and abduction. Protect children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs. Provide positive, practical personal safety skills to everyone, everywhere.

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Real Life Story

Everyone deserves to be safe! We hear stories from people all over the world about how our extensive free on-line Library, affordable publications, in-person workshops, and consulting services brought them the gifts of safety, confidence, and peace of mind...

"My son was horribly bullied at school and became terribly depressed. When I e-mailed Kidpower in desperation, your compassionate, practical advice guided me in how to advocate for my son far more effectively and your on-line articles and videos gave me the tools I needed to teach him to protect himself. Kidpower helped our family turn a miserable experience into an empowering one. My son is doing well in school and speaks up to stop other kids from being bullied." ...

"I am a survivor of child abuse and want to do everything in my power to protect my own daughters. To my surprise, Kidpower's training was fun for all of us. Instead of dwelling on all the bad things that can happen, you coached us to be successful in practicing to set boundaries and get help! How I wish I had had Kidpower as a child!"...

"Our youth sports organization was horrified by the allegations of abuse in sports. Kidpower gives our coaches, parents, and youth leaders essential resources for protecting our players from abuse." ...

"Bless you and your donors for the profound and important work you do. Learning Kidpower skills has been life-changing for the children in our orphanage and schools for kids rescued from living and working on the streets." ...

"Many years after my Teenpower class, a man tried to kidnap me. I pulled away, hit him, yelled, and escaped. The skills you taught me were still with me and saved me. THANK YOU!"


Help Kidpower Continue Planting Seeds of Safety

Your gift to Kidpower International will plant seeds of safety by giving skills to protect children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs, from abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, sexual assault, and other violence.
Any amount can help ― Every dollar does wonders! 

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