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Raise the Future

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1325 S Colorado Blvd
Ste B700
Denver,  Co 80222
Phone: 303-755-4756

Raise the Future envisions a world where no child waits for the love and support of a permanent family. Through positive connections and long-term support, Raise the Future is raising the bar for what it means to support youth from foster care.

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Success Story

The greatest measure of the success of our work are the stories of the children and families we serve. One child whose life was stabilized through legal permanency is Diana. Diana’s story exemplifies how our programs work together to find safe and supportive, healthy families for children waiting to be adopted. Diana is a child who entered foster care in 2013 and started recruitment services through The Adoption Exchange in 2017. She was featured in a televised recruitment segment in May 2018. A local family watched Diana’s segment and heard her say she was “yearning for a home, someone who can guarantee (her) safety, someone who will accept (her) for who she is and who she will become and just love (her) unconditionally.” The couple called our office a week later and were connected with Diana’s recruiter. The family started the process of becoming home studied specifically for Diana and were able to navigate the process with support and training from The Adoption Exchange. Diana moved in with her family in September 2018 and her adoption was finalized in March 2019.  The family continues to communicate and utilize support from The Adoption Exchange. Diana has found her place to belong for the holidays and the rest of her life.


You can change a future for a child!

For most of us, when we hear the word 'family', we think of holiday dinners, vacations and childhood memories.  But to the thousands of children waiting in foster care, the word 'family' can feel hopeless.  Each year, thousands of children age of foster care never experiencing a loving, stable family. We can change that.

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