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USA Boxing

1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs,  CO 80909
Phone: 719-866-2300

We fuel Olympic dreams from youth level to the national team! Enabling US athletes and coaches to achieve sustained competitive excellence, developing character, and supporting the sport of boxing. We're proud to have you in our corner!

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Real Life Story

Ron Siler, Jr., faced abandonment long before he should have known or felt what the word meant. After giving birth to her son, his mother called Siler's father to inform him that she was going to leave him there. Although he knew nothing about being a father, Ron Siler, Sr., traveled to Kentucky to retrieve his newborn son. As a child, the younger Siler slept in a dresser drawer as his father had no crib for his son, and has he grew older, he got into his fair share of trouble, but there was one thing that kept him on the right track - boxing.

Siler began boxing in 1993 and racked up an unbelievable array of titles, but despite his success in the ring, he still had problems staying out of trouble on the streets. After serving time in jail at the beginning of 2002, Siler turned his full focus to boxing. The now 24-year-old has four little boys under five and being a father is extremely important to him. He finally reached his ultimate goal by becoming a 2004 Olympian and he will look to step to the top of the medal podium at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece this summer.

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