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American Indian Services

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3115 East Lion Lane, Suite 320
Salt Lake City,  UT 84121
Phone: 801-375-1777

AIS provides pathways out of poverty through education - funding College Scholarships, Literacy, Mentoring & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs for Native American students. Help us preserve the culture & heritage of Native Americans.
Real Life Story

<p>My name is Dzani N. Little from the Navajo Nation Tribe. I will be graduating with my bachelor&rsquo;s in construction management from Arizona State University.<br /><br />I feel that I needed the AIS scholarship because I am currently pulling student loans to complete my education. I work full-time, but the income from that job goes to my rent, the small amount of food I can afford, and school. This past semester I barely managed to purchase my books. I had to borrow different students&rsquo; textbooks until I was able to afford the textbooks for myself.<br /><br />I am very devoted to my education. It takes a lot of time management, especially when you work full-time. I&rsquo;ve had many long nights of constant reading, studying, and writing to keep up with assignments. Despite these struggles I see myself as a successful indigenous woman. I taught myself time management so that I could be productive each day of the semester.<br /><br />I was raised by my grandmother who always encouraged me to pursue a career. She taught me that being a Native American, you will always conquer what you set your mind to. And it doesn&rsquo;t matter where you come from, all you need is your Native teachings to guide you through your journey.<br /><br />My motivation in completing my education is to be a good example for the small community I came from. My community has a small percent of college graduates and I want the future generation of my community to know that college is possible to complete regardless the struggle you&rsquo;re in.&nbsp;<br /><br />You are doing a great thing by donating and helping small-town indigenous students like me who need help in pursuing their careers. Slowly together we will raise the percentage rate of college graduates.<br /><br />- Dzani Little</p>

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&lt;p&gt;Native American children have a poverty rate of 1 in 3 and the highest high school drop out rate of any ethnic group in the country. Your donation will help break the cycle of poverty in Native communities by supporting AIS&#039; undergraduate scholarships and STEM summer schools. You can help shape the future of our country&#039;s First Peoples.&lt;/p&gt;

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